Mission Statement


Our Mission is to consistently and systematically outperform the markets.
The manner in which we pursue our Mission is just as important as attaining it.
As we strive to achieve our Mission, we are guided by the following core values and principles:

Ⅰ. Our Alliance

Our success depends on the dynamic collaboration of all members of the“Red Phoenix Alliance”:

  • the Red Phoenix Alliance includes all team members, interns, partners, investors, & counterparties working together towards common goals
  • we seek to create win-win situations in which the interests of all parties are aligned

Ⅱ. Our Pursuit

In the pursuit of our Mission, we are guided by:

  • our relentless commitment to adapt, improve and innovate
  • our focus on the process, not solely on the outcome;  we believe that a positive outcome is the result of an outstanding process
  • our commitment to efficiency and doing more with less
  • the belief that learning from mistakes is an essential part of growth
  • our commitment to having the courage to take risks

Ⅲ. Our Values

Our values are reflected in our words and actions every day:

  • passion, dedication, humility
  • integrity in all we do
  • open, honest, respectful communication

Ⅳ. Our Purpose

We strive to create a workplace that is meaningful, rewarding, and fulfilling:

  • enjoy the work, enjoy the journey!




Ⅰ. アライアンス


  • レッドフェニックス アライアンスは、すべてのチームメンバー、インターン、パートナー、投資家、取引先が共に力を合わせ、同じゴールへ向かいます。
  • このアライアンスに属するすべてのメンバーにとってウィン・ウィンとなる関係を目指しています。

Ⅱ. 追求


  • 常に適応、改善、革新し続けるという信念
  • 結果だけではなく、プロセスにフォーカスしていくこと:  素晴らしい成果は、優れたプロセスの結果
  • より少ない力でより多くをなす効率
  • 失敗から学ぶことで成長へ
  • リスクをとる勇気

Ⅲ. 価値観


  • 情熱、献身、謙虚さ
  • すべての行動において誠実であること
  • オープンで、誠実なコミュニケーション

Ⅳ. 目的


  • 仕事を楽しみ、人生を楽しむこと!