ESG at Red Phoenix Investments


  Red Phoenix Investments is a company built on teamwork, in its purest form.  We compare our corporate culture to a professional sports team, embracing our passion to succeed.  Our core team has been actively trading global markets for over ten years, thriving throughout the various ups and downs of the past decade.  Our partnership with the Tokyo University of Science (TUS) has enriched our team by adding youth, technology and innovation to our skill set.


  Our investment philosophy is based on statistical arbitrage, and we are driven to capture consistent edge in any market condition.  This primary principle leads to the optimization of the Sharpe Ratio, generating stable risk-adjusted returns. Our quantitative methodology combines the strength of experienced traders with the analytical power of computers.       


  Our involvement with TUS highlights our focus and commitment to the “S” in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).  We feel a responsibility to help educate the next generation of business professionals in Japan, and have created an extensive internship program designed to educate and nurture these future professionals.  Through our program, interns gain valuable experience in applying their knowledge and training in a Japanese investment management firm. In the process, our interns aid us in the pursuit of our goals. We seek investors to partner in this mission of social responsibility, building the foundations for a better tomorrow.

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